The FLAMINGO objectives include:

  • Integration of the research community: the ambition of the FLAMINGO partners is to play a leading role in the integration and coordination of the worldwide Network and Service Management community. Flamingo partners are among the leaders of IFIP WG6.6 and IEEE CNOM, and are editorial board members for all major journals in our field (IEEE ComMag, IEEE TNSM, JNSM and IJNM)
  • Scientific conferences: FLAMINGO partners are active in the organization of the main conferences in the area of Network and Service Management. These conferences include IFIP/IEEE Integrated Network Management (IM), IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management (NOMS), IFIP/IEEE Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM) and the IFIP Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS).
  • Standardization: FLAMINGO advances the network and service management standardization in several ways. Within the IETF, FLAMINGO contributes to the evolution of the NETCONF and YANG standards, as well as PCN, IPFIX, 6LOWPAN, ROLL, and CORE working groups. In addition, FLAMINGO partners organize pre-standardization in this area, by chairing the IRTF-NMRG group.
  • Course and training material: FLAMINGO develops course material for network management, and makes such material available to students worldwide. The ambition of FLAMINGO is that future generations of European researchers will be educated using the material developed within FLAMINGO. In addition, FLAMINGO develops training material to facilitate current researchers within industry to keep up with the latest developments in this important field. FLAMINGO also creates and coordinates network and service management related data in various on-line systems (such as Wikipedia and the SimpleWeb) to support researchers within industry.
  • Open Source Software: FLAMINGO develops open source software packages to support the network and service management community.
    Interactive workshops: In addition to scientific conferences, FLAMINGO also organizes joint workshops and events that target industry, where the focus is on interactions and discussions. Possible topics for such workshops include: Cloud Monitoring, managing the Internet of Things, P2P in Network Management, and Economic Traffic Management (ETM).
  • Interoperability and testing labs: FLAMINGO designs and operates several interoperability and testing labs.
  • Integrated Labs: partners within FLAMINGO create an integrated security Lab, which includes the High Security Laboratories at INRIA, the University of Twente and the Universität der Bundeswehr München.
  • Integration of Ph.D. students: Ph.D. students from individual FLAMINGO partners will be jointly supervised by other FLAMINGO partners.
  • Research papers: Research performed within FLAMINGO will be published as research papers within leading conferences and journals.